I am confident in what I am manifesting | Astrology- Meditation Daily Mantra

What is it that you have in mind to manifest? With up to five planets in retrograde motion, what we must realize is that we have the power to go within to manifest what it is that we want to create. Sure, the task of manifesting isn’t as simple as said. But through meditation (going within), especially at a time where many planets are going within as well - taking the time to go within daily is the way to ease our way through this heavy retrograde season in order to alchemize what it is we want to manifest.

Astrology is a great tool in recognizing the energetic vibrations at play so that we have an innerstanding and awareness of what is occuring so that we can better create our magic. With the Sun in the initiating sign of Aries, as our brightest exalted star, our vital energy that we are expressing says GO. Though, our actions must be taken into much consideration and precaution as most of our planets (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto) are all in retrograde (Rx) mode. As the Sun still oppose Jupiter, we have access to great energy activating our expression to expand with others, though this is not without having first an abundant relationship with ourselves as Jupiter (Rx) is in Libra. There is also a deep transformative aspect to our vital expression with the Sun square Pluto, but again this is not without deep internal retrospection (Pluto Rx). See a pattern here? Being retrospective first and taping into ourselves through meditation will allow us to avoid mishaps that induced during retrograde season. As for our inner most emotions and comfort zones, the moon today is positively aspecting Mars to which our passions are enhanced by giving our actions greater personal meaning. This is good news! And, the moon also trine Pluto gives a deeper intense meaning to our passions that can lead to profound emotional transformation. As as far as money, love and values, Venus in Pisces Squares Saturn in Sagittarius which strongly emphasizes the notion that we cannot be irresponsible about our ideals toward the Venusian aspects of our lives. The remedy to this challenging aspect is to get real on what it is that we love and value so that with time we see that our grounded beliefs stands the test of the time. To manifest what it is we want to create today, special alchemy is due and the vital ingredient to what it is you want to make is to first meditate.

Recite the astro-meditative mantra below to start your magic!

StayLit, Loves.

(The Magician + Knight of Swords ) Aries Sun Opposes Jupiter Libra + Sun Sq Pluto in Cap + Moon Trine Mars + Moon Trine Pluto + Venus Square Saturn 


Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I am confident in what I am manifesting.”

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