I have justifiable ideas that manifests great creativity | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra

Your emotions are justifiable when you look inwards to tap into your inner compass. There are karmic ties connected with your internal views and emotions. Great things are bound to occur when you trust your instinctive awareness as it is now aligned with our logic. As Mercury continues its retrograde, if you have been paying attention - Mercury Rx is when we should re-hash and re-think matters before initiating. Anything with the prefix re- is what we should be doing when it comes to the energy of a retrograde planet.

As this internalized energy continues, you will find that your emotions has great potential to crystalize your beliefs. These maturation effects of our internal work is due to be felt in a shocking manner as the moon conjuncts Uranus. Harness this energy as we or others are prone to emote erratic behavior that can cause emotional instability. As we continue to reorganize, revive or reassess our thoughts and logic, continue to remain grounded. Your ideas of responsibility and duty has profound lasting effects to materialize for the long haul. 

(Justice-King of Wands) Moon Conjunct Mercury + Moon Trine Saturn + Moon Conjunct Uranus + Mercury Trine Saturn 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I have justifiable ideas that manifests great creativity.”