I have cleared views to inspire lasting force | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra

When our instinctive awareness is heightened actions soon follows. With so many planets currently retrograding, introspection has been our focus. Being in-tuned with our internal compass builds mastery in trusting our instincts. Too many times we can allow our intuitive gut feelings to go un-noticed where we bypass destined opportunities.

As the moon progresses in the strongest intuitive sign of Pisces aspecting Venus, Saturn and Chiron our emotions are strongly in-tuned. How do you feel about having the things that you love and value? What are your feelings telling you about your views and beliefs and it the structure it creates? How does this ultimately affects your deepest emotions? As you take the time to respond to these emotions, through meditation, it will be easy to feel your inner guidance speaking to your clearly. Be aware of your emotions whether the may feel good or bad, as a way to acknowledge them for clearing and healing.

Meditation allows us to be accepting of what is already there by quieting the mind and being in-tuned with our inner awareness. Once this innderstanding is accepted, mastery over your spirit is executed and exuded in your aura. Your thoughts become clear as you can take responsibility in communicating your creative ideas that has inner drive and spirit to last. Relax your mind and meditate today. Be in-tuned with your deep emotions and prepare to go after your dreams as your internal compass guides your this coming week.

StayLit, Loves.

(Four of Swords-King of Wands) Moon Conjunct Venus + Moon Sq Saturn + Moon Conjunct Chiron + Mercury Trine Saturn 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I have cleared views to inspire lasting force.”

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