I am responsibly progressing my rewards to come | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra

Our mentality plays a strong role on our expressive vital energy as Mercury Rx in Taurus conjuncts the Sun in Aries. With Mercury in Taurus we have an increased ability to ground our ideas into reality. Our thoughts are fixed on what we can make real and ours. As Taurus is a sign of material possessions, today is a good day to plan out ideas or schedule meeting that will lead to profitable opportunities. The Sun in Aries encourages us to act on what it s we want to make real, so planning a promotion campaign, mapping out ideas to start negotiations are ideal. Though wth Mercury still in retrograde, launching anything new is not recommended. So with any negotiations, promotions, email proposals, or contracts; should be thoroughly researched before a binding agreement is made.

Be secure in what you are creating as it has potential to have lasting results with the Sun still trine to Saturn. Saturn is a planet of structure, discipline and responsibility which encourages us work in our highest integrity towards what it is we want to last in our lives. Progression is on our side to achieve our ambitions if we remain cool and collected within our emotions. With the Moon and Pluto conjunct in the same sign of Capricorn, our instinctive awareness runs deep in reflecting the motives of others. Pluto goes deep under into the dark side of human nature to purify our our hidden agendas. So as Capricorn conjuncts the moon, we can feel motives that are anything less that honest and righteous.

Our morals can be beautifully prized with Venus in strong sextile to Mars as our desires can have the opportunity to be rewarded. What you take actions towards whether its what it is that you love or what it is your worth can prominently be attained and valued. Our manifestation abilities are potent now to be materialized so keeping your motives pure and communicating your intentions are guaranteed for long lasting results.

StayLit, Loves.

(King of Pentacles-Ace of Pentacles) Sun Conjunct Mercury Rx + Sun Trine Saturn + Moon Conjunct Pluto + Venus Sextile Mars 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I am responsibly progressing my rewards to come.”

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