I am determined to shine internally out | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra

Take responsibility towards the plan it takes for you to manifest dreams. A serious tone of emotions and actions is theme as the moon is in the dedicated sign of Capricorn. It is a prime day for us to take emotional responsibility towards what it is you are building that induces a strong sense of fulfillment towards your goals. Since our emotions becomes a driving force in our actions, the Moon in cool-headed Capricorn reinforces a dedicated theme with the Sun trine Saturn aspect. Saturn, as the ruling planet of Capricorn aspecting the Sun illuminates our responsibility to our vital energy. And as the Sun reaches the end of the Aries and trines Saturn in Sagittarius Rx, the essence of our actions continues to build our internal beliefs. Saturn, still in retrograde, is a period that we remain committed to our ambitions from the past which rings truth to our views and beliefs.

As we remain committed to our goals, a continued effort to remain true to our unique selves is highlighted with Sun conjunct Uranus. There is free-ing factor involved as we depart from the norm and think outside of the box. Uranus is the radical planet that rules over individuality, which encourages our progression and forward thinking. As you continue to express your uniqueness, there an collective appreciation as it sets our future towards a progressive path. And as we continue to idealize on what we love and value with Venus in Pisces, there is a grounded aspect to Mars in Taurus creating the potential to make these ideals real. This aspect is quite sexy as Taurus rules our sensuality, there is a loyal and dependable force driving our ultimate values to materialize.

With this aspect, there is the potential to attract your dream love, only if you are willing to put in the work as Saturn squares Venus. A sobering reality becomes necessary in grounding us to recognize dedication it takes to reach what it is we love and value. Time and patience is deciding factor of our commitments. And taking the responsibility to see your goals through the other side, manifests your dreams true. StayLit, Loves.

(Strength-Two of Swords) Venus Direct + Sun Trine Saturn + Sun Conjunct Uranus + Venus Sextile Mars + Venus Sq Saturn

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I am determined to shine internally out.”

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