I am open to receive the abundance I give. | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra

There are expansive emotions being reflected back to us. With the Moon (our comforts) in the sign of Sagittarius, our emotions are more grande then usual. Going big with what we are feeling is a positive notion today. Feel the abundance and steady growth of doing so as the Sun in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius. Our feelings and even comfort zones are ready to be explored and shared, though, with Saturn in the mix there are positive restrictions that will limit the factor of blowing matters out of proportion. Saturn doesn’t have the time for exaggerated emotions nor does it find any lasting value with such acts.  Emote real emotions that you can take responsibility for, which also stands for the integrity of your truth.

Speaking of our truths, the Sun (our vital energy) is still in close proximity to Uranus (our individuality). Be sure to continue, being uniquely you. This energy gives way for true progression and freedom amongst us all to express our individuality. Plan to be with your tribe today where there’s an appreciation for your quirks and what make you different. Shock-factors create great developments today. Though be aware of sensitivities as our instinctive awareness (the moon) has a conflicting aspect- square to Neptune. Neptune is the planet that rules Pisces, which is of our dreams, the subconscious, our ideals, our intuition and spirituality. We may feel conflicts between what we feel and our ideals. As a result, you may feel comfortable to stay in today as you explore an in-tuned cosmic awareness.

Though if you’re with your tribe you may find that you can intuitively feel others in ways that can be conflicting to your emotions. Don’t worry about it if that’s the case - just be aware of what we may idealize today. Astrology is for awareness and now that you know, you have free-will towards how you can direct your energy. With the Lovers card pulled after meditating today, the theme of choice is given to whether we can use our logic or emotions. The Lovers card isn’t only about love but also what it is that we select based on what we love- though this in the matter between the mind & heart. What is chosen will be truly balanced with the six of pentacles followed denoting that our choice will be from a generous place to which will be fortunately reciprocated.

StayLit, Loves.

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(Six of Pentacles-The Lovers) Sun Trine Saturn + Sun Conjunct Uranus + Moon Sextile Jupiter + Moon Square Neptune)

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I am open to receive the abundance I give.”