I am responsible to celebrate the legacy I am building | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra

Artwork by @ allthingssuzette

Artwork by @allthingssuzette

Today’s transit is quite positive as our vital expression (the sun) is positively aspecting both Saturn (our responsibility) and Uranus (our freedom). How have your progressive nature grounded you? Being true to our original selves sets the tone for us, as a collective, to continue building what it is we want to last. And with Venus moving direct and sextile to Mars, our steady actions bods well with what it is that we love and value. Its time to celebrate our progressions as we build our legacies. Even with Saturn in retrograde, this is still a forward moving energy as Saturn lessens the hardships towards success. The work of our contributing lasting goals may feel much easier and even fun as we continue to be true to ourselves. 

Our values and what it is that we love - (Venus) and the actions we want to take (Mars ) to energize our future visions(Uranus) to make real (Saturn) is potently possible now. Though, your best bet is to not start anything brand new, but to complete those unique projects and assignments that will support your community. There is a healing and sobering aspect to what it we love and value continuing with Venus next to Saturn and Chiron. What it is that you love and value may not look exactly like you have envisioned, though understand that the universe is showing you what it means to be grateful. There is true value here. Though you may not recognize it fully, yet, in still - you should appreciate what it is you have now. You never know with the Sun next to Uranus. Be open to the unexpected to which you may receive more than what was expected.

Keep an open heart, continue to be your unique self and take responsibility for your actions while we collectively move towards the future. You can begin celebrating your legacy while raising your vibration with others. Ultimately you will reach higher heights to what it is you have been building- creatively, physically and of course energetically.

StayLit, Loves.

(Three of Cups-Ten of Coins) Sun Trine Saturn + Sun Conjunct Uranus + Venus Sextile Mars

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I am responsible to celebrate the legacy I am building.”

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