I am the wind of the change that vibrates higher | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra

Are you you? How does your mindset identify with freedom? Do you care what it means to be “different” from others? These are questions that defies the theme today with the Sun in exact conjunction to the rebellious, independently shocking and extraterrestrial planet of Uranus. Governed by the sign of Aquarius, Uranus is known to be the originator, quirky one in the bunch whereeven its orbit is different compared to the other planets of the solar system. As it continues its transit the Sun- our overall expression, there’s a massive light being lit on us that showcases our originality, our uniqueness and what makes us different. This aspects loves shock-value, so you can expect the unexpected from others and even yourself.

There’s an electrifying energy among us that we instinctively feel the awareness to transform. That is, with the Moon (our comforts, inner emotions and home) sextile Pluto the planet of transformation, sex, power, death and rebirth - indicates the feeling of massive change to be taken place in these areas, positively. We are cooperative as a collective with an innerstanding for deep regeneration, even if its a hidden factor with the moon in Scorpio, it allows us to dive so deep into hidden parts of our emotions. This energy is quite healing as we have the opportunity to shift our emotions and raise our vibrations for a positive change. And of course change isn’t as smooth as we’d like to be, as the Moon opposes Mars which can create conflicts between our emotions and actions with others.

Our passions may be enhanced but the flow to act may be difficult or constricted. So be aware of hypersensitivity reactions to this energy as we are all feeling this push pull aspect. As for today’s daily pull, The Hierophant tarot card reversed also resonates with the energy of non-conformity and finding your freedom. Uranian energy is quite strong today as it exudes our rebellious side, though, be sure that it is with a cause. As we know, ordinary is so yesterday. So today forwards, its time to shine and be our extra-ordinary selves. Stay Blessed and always,

StayLit, Loves.

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(The Hierophant-reversed) Sun Conjunct Uranus + Moon Sextile Pluto + Moon Opposite Mars

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I am the wind of the change that vibrates higher.”