I am the spark that lights the way | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra

Being your dynamic self is what will spark a progressive path towards your future. With the sun conjunct Uranus today, expressing our individualistic uniqueness bodes well towards our evolution. Rightfully so, with the seasonal shift occurring, change is all around us. So revolutionizing your expression to be radically you is in alignment with nature as it is defiantly liberating. As the Sun and Uranus, both in Aries, we are exalted to express our star quality which sparks advancement. This is especially important with the recent full moon in Libra that ignited the caliber of our projections in relationships we have. It's no coincidence that being true to ourselves and expressing our individuality is what creates progression in relations to others.

As we reflect on what we love (Venus Rx) there is responsibility we are feeling towards building long lasting relations towards what we love and value. There's a realty check occuring in our reflections as Venus Rx squares Saturn. It is time to get our love, money and what we value in check and correct. Saturn is the master committed planet that is about us taking real responsibilities towards what it is we want to last in our lives. So be sure to begin planning towards these Venusian qualities as Venus is still retrograding until this weekend (April 15th) you can move forward with a solid plan that will deliver real results of lasting value. Though, this goes without healing, as it starts with Chiron’s remedial qualities that smooths the harsh reality Saturn brings to Venus. Collectively we have all have been wounded in love, or perhaps it may be our attitudes towards beauty and/or money. These Venusian aspects of our lives are in for some divine healing as Chiron conjuncts Venus. Be open to this healing element as the universe wants to put a band-aid on our Venusian wounds aforementioned. Take it in all great strides as this universal remedy polishes us to continue being our dynamic selves.

(The Star+ Six of Swords) Sun Conjunct Uranus + Venus Rx Square Saturn +

Venus conjunct Chiron

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I am the spark that lights the way. ”

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StayLit, Loves.