I am open to express my radiant self. Libra Full Moon Astrology- Meditation Daily Mantra

Get ready to receive some shocking illumination from the internal growth you have been fostering. The Full Moon in Libra has some interesting aspects that are guaranteed to shock us in unexpected ways. The only way to determine what is in store is to look at how you have expanded your views of self. What is the relationship like with yourself? Is it negative and discouraging or is it positive and uplifting? If it is the latter, you can expect some expansive rewards that may shock you depending where Libra is activated in your chart. Even if you have been occupying a dark space in regards to the relationship you have with yourself, this full moon in Libra will bring forth revolutionizing illumination to your relationships that occupies an optimistic flair. This shocking delivery of revelations is activated by the independent, freedom-loving, genius planet of Uranus in Aries in conjunction to the Sun which denotes that expressing our unique authentic selves drives progressive relations.

The Libra full moon will reflect some expansive revelations since it is also activated by the largest planet Jupiter, also in Libra. Jupiter is not only large but is quite abundant. Though what will be abundantly revealed will be in relations to the reflection of our internal selves since Jupiter is in retrograde. This energy has quite a shocking vibration to it that you can expect the unexpected. Ultimately the Libra Full Moon is asking for us to be true to ourselves which reflects true relations to others. This means to be your own visionary creative self while you continue to keep an open the heart to receive indicated by the Knight of Cups. Optimistic vibrations is a major factor to illuminating positive results during this Libra Full Moon as indicated by Jupiter in Libra. You can expect your wildest dreams to come true as The Star tarot offers healing vibrations. Except the rewards it brings as it will radiantly shock you. To raise your vibration within, I encourage you to continue your daily meditative practice. Recite today’s daily astro-meditative mantra below to start activating the Libra Full Moon.

StayLit, Loves.

(Knight of Cups+ The Star) Aries Sun Opposes Moon/Jupiter Libra (Rx) + Sun Conjunct Aries

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I am open to express my radiant self.”

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