Where do we go from here? 🎶 || An Ode to Venus Retrograde

🎶 Where do we go from here? 🎶

That is the question our hearts will be asking us during the Venus Retrograde period we have officially entered today. Venus is the planet that rules what we attract, what we love and have, beauty, money and possessions. Tied to our hearts, Venus Rx period are made to ultimately heal as these periods are known for being a time of reassessing, rearranging, releasing, rebirths and renewals. From what we have discovered from the infamous Mercury Rx, it is never recommended to begin brand new things in our lives. The same concept also applies during Venus Rx, though this energy is directed towards the matters of our hearts rather than our minds associated with Mercury Rx. Retrograde periods is the universe flexing its divine timing muscles. And with Venus Rx now in the zodiac sign of Aries, there is a sense or renewal or rebirth that is brewing in regards to what we value and love. Retrogrades are infamously known for the return of what we have ex-ed out our lives. Be it an ex-lover, ex-business parter, ex-friend and even former job opportunities. So in the pioneering sign of Aries we feel the urge to revive an aspect of our lives that may have been left in the past.

This is an ample time for healing.  If you have left a significant relationship with no resolution, the possibility for a reunions can happen in order to heal and move forward. In current relationships, it is a potent time to reignite, renew and rebirth certain aspects of your relationship that needed some zest and passion as the sign of Aries so loves. Meditation and self-care rituals are also encouraged activities to do during a Venus Rx which allows us to relax our minds, bodies and spirit. During this period, Venus also moves back into Pisces which is the last sign of the zodiac. This indicates that after all the reassessments, reviews, and renewals made; letting of what no longer serves our highest good is an essential act to reclaim what it is we truly value.

Remember to attract brand new things into your life from what you have been reviving, there must be a shedding of what it is you no longer find beneficial. And in the sign of Pisces, it is best to let go of over emotional themes Pisces shadow aspects displays in our lives. Some of these themes may manifest as addictions, illusions, escapism and creating self-limiting beliefs. This is why it is a fruitful time that the universe grants us with these retrogrades as they are designed to be periods to heal to which this Venus Rx will last till April 15, 2017. We have ample time to revisit past themes in regards to what we value so that we can truly be ready to receive what we ultimately desire regarding our hearts.

StayLit, Loves.

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