You've Earned it, Now Own It! New Moon in Aries


Let's give it up for the Astrological New Year and begin lighting up our paths! The official date started March 20th when the Sun entered the sign of Aries. And since then, we have definetely expressed it (Sun) and now it is time to feel it (Moon). It is no coincidence that this is the time in nature where spring is around the corner, initiating the first budding of plants to bloom - indicating that this natures true time of growth. Aries energy, which is ruled by the planet of Mars is the initiator, self-starter and even the aggressor of the zodiac. Exalted by the Sun which is ruled by Leo, this fire sign of Aries carries the stance for us to be ourselves, unapologetically- think Rihanna who has her moon in moon.  

Aries is like the baby of the zodiac, since it is the first sign, just think of how babies are. They act without any regard to anyone. The phrase of "I AM" is what Aries go by. And this is the time that  we are to define who we are. And this does not mean that we have to be like Rihanna or like a baby. This energy is asking us to be true to ourselves which is like no other. This is the time to blaze our own trail, but to do so, it must be with caution. Every sign has shadow aspect and in Aries being impulsive is one where we may act first then think second. Lets be adults here and think before we blaze towards our own paths.  

So to live your light, during this season it is best to be so true to yourself to shine. This new moon also conjuncts Venus in Aries Rx, which is an indication that there is additional great value to being true to oneself to attract what it is you desire. Based on Venusian attractions like love, money and true (inner) beauty (Venus Rx) - being a courageous self-starter that initiates enthusiasm and optimism will assist you to manifest what it is you want to attract. Remember you've earned it by doing the inner work, so now its time to own it!

Activate your illumination by listening or reciting the Astro Meditative Mantra based on your zodiac sign or the house that Aries falls in within your natal chart, to lead your manifesting force. 

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StayLit, Loves.

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