Soul Spring Cleaning || Sun Conjunct Chiron


Deep healing is at play with the Sun conjunct Chiron in Pisces. This energy can be one that can drown us in our emotions yet when we choose to revive our light to see the wounds buried underneath, this is where profound healing takes root. These transformative energies are profound since we are still Venus retrograde period in Aries which calls for us to continue to initiate self-love routines which further heals our past wounds. With this astrological configuration squaring Uranus in Aries, our challenge is to revolutionize our individuality by releasing self- limiting beliefs (Saturn in Sagittarius square). And in order for us to grow our relationships with others we must first heal the relationship we have with ourselves (Jupiter in Libra Rx).

I encourage you to begin your self-love rituals by practicing meditation to revive the light within. And to further enhance your meditative experience, begin your spa rituals by exploring that helps release all that no longer serves us, StayLit, Loves.


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StayLit, Loves.