In recognizing and being aware of the frequency you are tapped into, how does that make you feel?

If the response is anything negative, that's fine, your awareness is your true guiding spirit. And if you are feeling positive, you are lit and in the right frequency. It is vital to maintain your vibration above the negativity by practicing self-care routines. One simple practice is to quiet the mind and tap into your hearts energy. This ritual becomes a resonating protection to your energy when you are simply aware of how any circumstance may effect you. In recognizing this, you have the capability to shift your energy to what makes you feel good and protected or even vibrate higher to remain unaffected by anything that doesn't serve your highest good. 

To further protect your aura, I encourage meditation as a beneficial tool to remaining spiritually lit. Below, is a guided-meditation designed to ignite your souls energy in vibrating higher.

StayLit, Loves.

To further your elevate your vibration, I encourage an Aura Cleansing Herbal Salt Bath - Chamomile Love to begin your spa-ritual,

StayLit, Love.

Chamomile Love | Aura Cleansing | Herbal Salt Bath
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