Release, Renew and Receive | Pisces Solar Eclipse Mantra

Release, Renew and Receive.This is the mantra to hold as we experience today’s Pisces Solar Eclipse. With so many planets activating Pisces ruling planet of Neptune, our imagination will take on a world of its own. This is why, its imperative to be mindful of where our imagination takes us as we should choose to make it positive. 

During this Pisces Solar Eclipse, our manifestation powers are ignited through our imagination, so releasing negative thoughts and images are vital to renewing the ideals we’re working towards. Visualization is also a powerful practice during this Solar Eclipse in Pisces as the energy of this sign manifests visionaries - think Steve Jobs. So no matter how far-out your imagination or visualization techniques may take you, recognize that having faith and believing in what you visualize will create the an opening to attract your desires and to receive. Also to further enhance this mantra, meditating is also an elevating practice to enhance the beneficial energies of the Pisces Solar Eclipse. Pisces is a highly spiritual sign, so meditating will further enhance what it is you are visualizing to attract.  

Below, take a listen to the Abundance Mindset guided meditation and also do check out your specifically designed astro-meditative mantras here curated for each zodiac sign.

StayLit, Loves.

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