Remy Ma Drowns Nicki Minaj's Saturn Return || As Above, So Below

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As an astrologer, any massive event that occurs - my first instinct is to look at the stars. And if you have to been living under a rock, you cannot have missed the current rap beef between Nicki Minaj & Remy Ma. The day before a massive new moon in the emotional sign of Pisces has us drowning or maybe Nicki - in emotions over Remy Ma’s recent diss record. Its no surprise, our girl Nicki Minaj is getting hit with this attack because looking at her chart, she is going through a rough Saturn return transit. Transiting her sun in Sagittarius, Nicki Minaj is currently learning some harsh lessons that will last for years. Saturn acts as the strict father of the zodiac where he demands you to be authentic, responsible and act with integrity. If you follow these rules under strict limitations, you will be greatly rewarded in clearing your karma. But if your don’t follow these guidelines, you’ll be creating karma to which you will have the opportunity clear until 30 years, the next time Saturn makes its way around the sun. The lessons are harsh, but it is to be understood that this transit acts as your official transit into responsible adulthood.

As for Remy, she is 2 years older than Nicki and has gone through her Saturn return already - as we saw she has learned her lesson the hard way being in prison at the time. Though since her comeback, Remy Ma has been ambitious to re-invent her rap career to which she has already successfully came out with great hits and now she’s up for Nicki’s throne. As a Gemini Sun, she is quite clever with her lyrics and with a moon is Sagittarius that conjuncts Nicki’s Sun, she knows how to emotionally hit Nicki’s ego. As we move towards the solar eclipse in Pisces - which carries an emotional out-of-the-blue combative energy, we must be courageous in moving towards what we want to successfully manifest . And as for Nicki, it will be interesting to see if she decides to respond with a glorious comeback or will she wallow in her emotions that this Pisces Solar Eclipse energy carries along with her heavy Saturn transit, which can be quite a challenging transit. We shall see.

StayLit, Loves.

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