The Power of the Flower | StayLit, Love


This is the look you have when you know the power and essence in nurturing your inner light with the help and beauty of flowers. 

This is reference to the subtle powers and life energizing influence flowers offers to our existence. I like to call this influence 'flower power' where theres innate inner-standing we have historically recognized the essence and vitality each flowers provide. Roses, for example are known for romance but why the red rose to specific? These connotations are ancient nuances that have stuck with us subconsciously, where today we consciously offer red roses as a symbol of love, romance and attraction. In other instances we have the sunflower - displayed by the model above. Intuitively, what was the first thing that came to mind when your seeing this model and the sunflowers?  Well in the name alone, sunflowers gives off the energy of the sun, that emits the vibration of radiance, success, brightness and so forth.

Herbs as well have these connotations to which I have studied the combinations along with their essential oil properties which invokes some elevating vibrations to our aura.  In the store section, you will find hand-made aura-cleansing home and bath products that are curated and designed to enhance your self-caring, self-loving and soul cleansing rituals. These items are essential tools in enhancing our inner light, especially when meditating, as they all are made with the very powerful energizing essence of flowers, herbs and their essential oils. 

Shall we explore some?

Supporting the Spirit & Aura

Rose Petals/Buds/Essential Oil: 

Within the roses family they're essence enriches the "inner feminine" which warms emotional coolness while restoring intimacy. You may also feel a nurturing sense towards your inner child which encourages the expression of unconditional love. 

Lavender Bunch/Buds & Essential Oil:

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Lavender bunches, buds and its essential oils provides has soothing aura that brings deep relaxation while encouraging compassion and gentleness towards others.  

Eucalyptus flowers, bunches and its essential oil dissolves feelings of melancholy while restoring positive energy. With our Eucalyptus Love || Lit Sage Stick you will be invoked by a supporting and uplifting warm atmosphere while smudging.