Are you feeling it?!
That feeling is the call to ignite and live our greatest light as Leo’s do so effortlessly. With so many amazing aspects igniting the #LeoLunarEclipse, this is a brilliant time for manifestation!

To break it down, lunar eclipses are full moons on steroids, where this energy lasts more than a month and exceeds up to six months. It is now a potent time to be expressively you, creatively, vibrantly, and your true self which will further your manifestation powers. As we continue to channel this energy, there is a call for us to shine bright as ever and differently than before. Since full moons energetically symbolizes a culmination, there has to be a release of the old for a full climatic point to arrive. So make room for the 2.0 version of you to be expressed!

Other planets that are in alignment with the Leo Lunar eclipse are Uranus and Mars which further ignites our passionate natures that fuels our individualistic spark & energizes us to showcase our originality. To maintain this energy, I encourage you to release all blockages that may prevent your priority for authority. Leo is also an authoritative sign that recognizes the will to protect what is uniquely yours.

To further embrace this inventive energy, we must be aware of the shadow aspect as well, which is fear. As we know, fear is a lowered state of consciousness that exaggerates its power over love. But we all know fear is a liar & the power of love that Leo - ruling the heart - is to raise our vibration over a fear-based mindset. So to take charge of your fears and to revitalize your inner light, I encourage meditation as is great practice that helps to release and recalibrate your aura.

Listen to our latest guided meditation track, Honestly, Fearlessly - which is curated to overcome fear-based thoughts that may block your true radiance that we all have within, 

StayLit, Loves.

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