Time To Be Your Best Self, You Ready? | Saturn in Capricorn


Are you ready to lead the time that will set you towards living your best life? It is now the time to focus on your energy and the reality you are creating which will ultimately lead you to your success. The question you must ask yourself is, how will you be spending your time?As precious as this concept is, this moment calls for getting truly real about how your time is your most valuable currency. Especially so, as you can never recreate time, and now more than ever, time is essential to the reality we are building.

This is in regards to the recent planetary shift where Saturn, our solar system second largest planet has entered its home in the sign of Capricorn. This significance is intensified and is exacting to the qualities of Capricorn and Saturn. That is our ambitions, responsibilities, status building, commitments integrity and businesses will take on great precedence as collective and within our personal lives. Though, examining other solar planets like Pluto, which is one of the most powerful planets in our solar system, has been reconstructing a lot of Capricorn themes aforementioned. So now that Saturn joins in with Pluto in Capricorn, the concept of time is now intensely reinforced.

This transformative power Pluto has been making in the sign of Capricorn is now ready for Saturn’s influence to start reconstructing areas in our lives to which Pluto has been making profound changes. Not to mention Neptune is in its home of Pisces, you will find that the efforts you will be making will be in good aspects to dreams becoming reality for the next 3 years Capricorn will be in Saturn. Because earth (Capricorn) and water (Pisces) are complementary elements, these positive aspected transits will bear the fruits that you dream of only if you are willing to put in the work that is valuable to your time and energy that will build your success. 

In doing so, great responsibility and effort are necessary for building the reality you want to achieve.  At this time, I️ encourage you to set your plans on what it is you are looking to build in your life? Ask yourself, what needs to be a new reality that you have been deeply feeling has been already transforming? Where ever Pluto has been transiting in your chart is where it’s time for you to begin building a structure in that area. Capricorn is the realest sign that rules success as we know it. As an earth sign it is the pinnacle of tried and true methods that will get your to the top or to the statues your ambitions take you. It’s about getting real with matters and taking on efforts one day at a time to reach your goals.

Just know that the most imperative way to spend your time is to make or take the time to implement self-care regimens as you climb your way towards your ambitions efforts. Be sure to click the link above to get ways to do so along with specific ways how this transit will be affecting your sign.

StayLit, Loves.

Aries  Sun/Moon/Rising
It's time to get serious about your career and the overall status mark you want to be known for. As Saturn transits your 10th house where you will be even more ambitious to meet your goals. You have the energy to do so, but be sure to take the time for some self-care as you climb that ladder. 

Taurus  Sun/Moon/Rising
It's time to focus on your beliefs and examine its impact on your reality. Be careful no to create self-limiting beliefs where your sense of optimism may seem like a far-reaching. To maintain your sights on the bigger picture focus on your internal thoughts that pushes you to gain integrity. Meditating throughout this transit will be a great use of time for you to maintain your true vision

Gemini  Sun/Moon/Rising
It is time to take the efforts to sustain the changes you have been making. Perhaps a relationship has taken much precedence and now you are building matters that will take a deeper and more transformative energy that will ultimately make you more powerful.

Cancer  Sun/Moon/Rising
It's time to get serious about your relationships. Commitments may be your goal to achieve during this transit. There is a sense of responsibility you have for others that will have lasting value. Just be sure to take of yourself and apply some self-care practices to ensure your wellbeing in any relationship you enter. 

Leo Sun/Moon/Rising
It's time to get real about your health habits and daily routines. You may feel more inclined to work a lot but be sure to implement some self-care regimens to be part of your day-to-day regimens. Your skin, bones, and overall wellness will be in need some TLC. Adding some salt bath ritual for cleansing would be ideal for you.

Virgo  Sun/Moon/Rising
It's time to get serious about your creative endeavors. This may be with your children, your budding business, and talents. The time you spend on these matters is vital in creating long-lasting values that will be just as pleasurable in the long-run.

Libra  Sun/Moon/Rising
Self-care is essential for you during this transit as you may be feeling a sense of neglect when it comes to matters at home and family. To make use of your time, create a structured routine with those you consider your family, but more importantly create home spa rituals to ground you. 

Scorpio  Sun/Moon/Rising
The power of your mindset is where your energy will engage in the most during this transit. It's time to take account of what you are communicating and to keep focused on what it is that you are building. Create a practical plan that you want to achieve and stick to it. Some meditative practices would also be great to continue manifesting your goals. 

Sagittarius Sun/Moon/Rising
It's time to level up your financial game. But this takes being quite conservative with your spending habits. It's time to save up, add value to your time and self-worth where you will be more secure than ever. 

Capricorn  Sun/Moon/Rising
You are walking into your power. It is time to build up Capricorn 2.0. This transit will affect your personality where you are called to level up your entire existence. You got this! Just be sure to take time for some self-care in the midst of climbing up that mountain. 

Its time to start building a solid structure based on your spirituality. Its now the time to answer the call to create a structure behind your spiritual beliefs. Meditation, visualization and prayer will be of great focus and will take much time in helping reach your goals. This is the time for you to be doing that inner work, Aquarius.

It’s time to base your hopes and dreams on what will build you a solid community. In doing so, your tribe may be constricted to those who are truly there for you to win. You might even find yourself connecting to those of a higher status, so be open to achieving your goals with those that are true;y supportive of the reality you are building.

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