Envision Dreams & Reality | Sagittarius New Moon Ritual

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What are the aims that you are willing to commit to? Your future is now staring you right in your face, so it is time to make the decisions that will initiate the truth of your beliefs. The question to ask yourself is, can I trust the universe enough and hope that it will take me where I need to be? Answering this question will set your intentions for your new moon ritual.

The New Moon in Sagittarius at 26° degrees seems to be one of the best new moons of 2017 as it has a stabilizing influence from Saturn and the loving energy of Venus. Not to mention its significant 26° degree connection to the high-vibratory galactic center energy of our galaxy, this opening is the doorway to the next chapter of our lives. This new moon calls for your integral understanding to release what isn't working in your favor in order to make room for this new energy forming in your life.

It is now time to push through and ascend to that next level. This week you will find that you are simultaneously coming to an end of a period while you are initiating another. At this point, be sure to start implementing some serious commitments that have great potential to build a future you are proud of that maintains lasting value in your life. In this case, whatever and wherever you find yourself committing to, be sure to have an optimistic view and a jovial sense of adventure in exploring and building your future that will be forming before eyes.

StayLit, Loves. 

🏹 Sagittarius New Moon Mantra 🏹

{Tarot - The Fool+King of Pentacles}

"I recognize the new paths that secure my future".

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