Empowering Your Emotions | Astro - Meditation Mantra

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Deep emotional expressions are being aligned with the comforts of your instinctual awareness. StayLit, Love as your emotional awareness is truly beautiful & powerful now as the Sun in Scorpio positively aligns with the Moon in its home sign of Cancer. Allow your emotions to guide you as what you are are feeling empowers your motive to succeed. Be open to express this power as the Sun positively aligns with its ruling planet, Pluto currently transiting Capricorn. This denotes the commitment you have within to apply great will power towards achieving long lasting results. Tap into this wealth of internal power to maximize your innate resources & natural insights to activates your deepest desires towards your goals. In this notion, recognizing your true motivations will allow clear acknowledgment to evolve your life & grow. Know that deep satisfaction awaits you when you cooperate with others emotionally.

As the Moon opposes Pluto, everyone is also feeling the depth of their emotional desires & needs. Avoid potential conflict with others as all of our needs are being strongly felt. Instead, with this cosmic awareness, approach another with greater compassion. In doing so, you have the potential to activate profound healing between you & another. As Saturn, the planet of rules of regulations, continues its transit in Sagittarius with revolutionizing Uranus in Aries - the changes you are making to advance your life is now building a solid future that is made to last. These two planetary bodies will positively transit the sky for some time now, so the changes you are making in your life has lasting potential to revolutionize & innovate your life in a way to build long-standing value. This is a time to truly ‘do-you’ in a fashion like no one can. The universe is encouraging you to be free to be your unique self. And in doing so, you will be rewarded by your progressions which positively aligns with your committed truths & beliefs that has greater potential to stand the test of time.

So continue to claim your satisfaction by any means necessary. Even when your integrity & beliefs are questioned by authority figures, allow your faith in your spirit to heal any pain that questions your beliefs. Remember you are to govern your own domain, though the cost of doing so does not come easy, yet the rewards are eternally healing. Ultimately, when you claim & know that your faith & spirit is successfully being guided, success inevitably follows to allows heal your emotional wounds which then transforms & empowers others and even more importantly, yourself.

StayLit, Loves. 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I am powerful when shift my internal awareness towards fulfilling my desires”

(6 of Swords//9 of Cups) Sun Trine Moon + Sun Sextile Pluto +  Moon Oppose Pluto + Saturn Trine Uranus + Saturn Sq Chiron

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