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How do you keep your love lit? Is it though doing what you love, being in love, cultivating self-love or creating that love you desire? Whatever notion you choose, remember to be unconditional with your love. What that essentially means is that whether the love doesn’t feel at its highest vibration, loving unconditionally always keeps your love lit. Recognize that love transforms and you have the power to do so when you add unconditional loving vibrations to what ever you choose, especially the love you have for yourself. Let that be your sounding board in radiating the love within towards the love of others, towards what you do and what you create within the world. With todays’ sun, still transiting in the powerful sign of Scorpio, its contact to nebulous Neptune (ruler of Pisces) gives a dose of expressing unconditional love that can powerfully transform. With this aspect, the universe is giving us the opportunity to raise our vibrations to a powerful state of unconditional love.

Activate this energy by taking some time for yourself to empower the love within through meditation or simply reciting today’s mantra. With the Sun also in positive aspect to Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler) - in the sign of Libra, this denotes the potency of energy available for personal empowerment which enable powerful changes within your relationships. The intensity is clear for you to express this renewal of deep emotions that has the power to heal, so choose wisely when handling this energy. As Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) in the sign of Sagittarius, now positively aligning with Uranus; we will find that the things we are committed to, in regards to our beliefs, can liberate your future. Shocking revelations will be ignited so continue to be courageous through your personal innovative views of your future which has great potential to build a solid legacy that lasts. Even when your committed efforts and beliefs are being challenged, tap within your internals source of light to reignite your truths that will eventually build your integrity. Know that your spirituality is sacred and as Saturn squares Chiron, you may feel wounded or hurt in regards to authoritative figures that may impose their beliefs on you.

Remember that these external resources cannot phase the illuminated source of unconditional love within that you have for yourself. Your high morals, beliefs and integrity status you uphold are the components you need to govern yourself in a high vibrational state that ultimately keeps your love lit. Know that your light cannot be dimmed and that is where your healing takes place for you to continue to shine on.

StayLit, Loves.  

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I am wealthy when I secure the trust in my internal light”.

(10 of Coins//The Fool)

Sun Trine Neptune + Sun Sextile Pluto +  Saturn Trine Uranus + Saturn Sq Chiron

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