How Self Love Radiates Love for Another || Aries Full Moon

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How is your love of self radiating around you? This full moon in Aries illuminates the courage of the ego and its capacity to relate its thoughts and emotions to another. As the Sun in Libra brings awareness to partnerships, the full moon in Aries is shining a light on a culmination of a vital decision that is being realized in regards to your relationships. A decision abouta significant relationship may be with yourself, your career, your family, your finances and of course your significant other. Regardless of what you are coming to realize, the intensity of emotions is now driving you to take action and initiate on a decision. Your love and passion may play a major role during the full moon in Aries as Venus and Mars are involved.

This alignment denotes our masculine and feminine sides are equally coming together in union which aids us to make a choice that will satisfy both our needs and wants. Communication also plays a significant role during today’s full moon as your brilliance is lit with the planet Mercury positively aligned to the full in moon in Aries. As the action-orientated Aries full moon illuminates our emotional drives, be sure to trust your emotional instincts and release over analyzing matters. As Neptune, a planet that has the tendency to cause delusions, it is best to release what you cannot understand logically and trust intuition. This is especially so, if you find yourself in analysis paralysis which causes over-thinking and not making a decision.

Feel courageous within and assert your internal radiance to energetically connect with your external existence. Release the notion of wanting to know every single detail and simply trust your instincts that will ultimately lead you to make a harmonious decision. Recognize that as long as you have been good to yourself internally, that you are self-satisfied, you will ultimately radiate that confidence in trusting your emotional driving force with another.

StayLit, Loves.

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