Igniting your Deepest Desires | Sun Conjunct Jupiter

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Are you ready for a week of abundance? The thing is that first you must FEEL the abundance that is before you. With the sun in conjunction to our most expansive planet Jupiter, both in Scorpio - a massive illumination of your deepest desires is ready to be manifested in a substantial way. Most astrologers deem this aspect to be the most luckiest time of the year as the Sun and Jupiter brings us much benefits. Though as Scorpio is know to be one of the most secretive signs within the zodiac be ready to have your deepest desires exposed and revealed. This may be good or bad thing- only depending on your what it is that you hold within. In order to manifest this lucky alignment to your best interest, start emoting your deepest desires that you want to be illuminated.

If you want love, express love in the deepest way you feel you have been desiring it to be. If you desire abundance, emote those desires and act on how it feels to be in abundance. Whether its connecting with those you who empower you and those you desire to connect with. Because Scorpio is a fixed water sign, the emotions that you hold within will manifest greatly in regards to what it is that you truly want. Jupiter is an expansive planet that rules our truths and beliefs so what ever you truly believe in based on your deepest desires will to illuminate its abundance greatly. This aspect of illumination in conjunctions to the sun, is bound to light up your deepest desires and even secrets which are both ruled by Scorpio. Not only that this week deems to be the luckiest of the year, other aspects that supports this notion is the a grand fire trine that involves Saturn, Uranus and the North Node.

This provides great potential to ignite your future path ahead progressively with your long-term values and beliefs all aligned. So ask yourself, what is it that you know you should act on to advance your future which aligns with your integrity and hearts desires? Whatever this may be, be sure to act on it this! The universe us totally supporting us as the sun, our brightest star connected to Jupiter, our largest benefactor planet, plans to progress your future expansively. Try your luck. And based on these deepest desires you emote be brave to act on them with your integrity aligned to yourself to be liberate yourself towards your hearts desires. StayLit, Loves

Sun Conjunct Jupiter Mantra For All:

“My deepest desires is igniting my brightest future.”

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Too much of a good thing may be happening for you Aries as the Sun & Jupiter conjuncts in Scorpio, so change is bound to manifest massively. Allow your passions to bear it fruits rather than of fighting against your transformation. Abundant opportunities for change will be granted, but that doesn’t mean you have to do everything, Aries. Be choosy and pick your best opportunity offered, one-at-a-time. 


“My energetic passions initiates the best opportunities.” 



Opposites attract right Taurus? Indeed. Your benefits and luck are being ushered by the relationships you have with others around you. For example, whomever you are partnered or partnering with personally or for business, be sure to engage, connect and relate with others to gain the best opportunity among your relationships. 


“My inner values will attract my desires in others.” 



Gemini your mind will have a million and one thoughts based on the opportunities being illumined. Remain optimistic and steer-clear of worrisome thoughts that don’t serve you. Create better habits based on your desires and write out your plans to create efficient results towards what is being manifested.


“My optimism shapes better habits to manifest my desires” 


Its time to have your pleasures in abundance that will satisfy your deepest desires. And, Cancer, you are definitely feeling it. Open up and enjoy the blessings this aspects is giving you. Recite this mantra to ignite what you have been craving as it is already yours to enjoy!


“I feel my deepest desires illuminating its rays of pleasure upon me”


Leo, your emotional depth is growing profoundly in a space that is so sacred. Where your comforts lie and with those you call your family is where an expansion is occuring. Even when these blessing may come in disguise, remain optimistic as this growth is ultimately happening in your favor.


“My will to feel optimism exposes my roots to grow” 


What you communicate, Virgo, has massive potential for expansion. Be it, your thoughts, your speech, in writing, you have the power to speak abundance into existence. So what are your deepest desires you want to manifest? Communicate it and it is yours!


“My optimistic thinking creates abundant opportunities”


You want to have jewels, money, cars, property, even love- you name it. Though being possessive is not the best way for you to manifest your abundance. Instead, weigh our your options to choose what it is you truly desire. Once you decide what your truly want Libra it is yours.


“My values determines what I truly desire to be mine”


If you had one big wish Scorpio, what would that be? The universe is asking you this question as to recognizing what you desire will now be blessed in abundance. Be aligned with your creative expression Scorpio, as what it is you want to own as already yours. This is grandiose energy Scorpio, and its just the beginning so do it big Scorpio! 


“I own my deepest desires as I am abundant. So be it”


What you believe in within, Sagittarius, is bound to create abundant opportunities for you. Start acting on your internal beliefs to radiate these blessings. Though your best bet is to gage what you are feeling to realize that matters may be too much of a good thing. No worries though, this is the best problem, so enjoy your blessings rather than to be overwhelmed. 


“My beliefs are expanding my opportunity to grow abundantly”


Do you believe in your wishes coming true Capricorn? We know you have been busy working and its towards what you have been hoping to manifest. Well this week your profound dreams are exposing its way into your reality. Question is, will you activate your hopes and dreams to manifest, Capricorn?


“I use my skills to illuminate and empower the dreams I’m manifesting. So be it.”


Aquarius, your efforts will be paid off in abundance. Your will power to empower ignites your deep passions and desires that are here for you to manifest. But first you must feel passionate and feel your deepest desires coming to surface that is bringing you your blessings. What was sowed, now will be reaped. So be open to receive and feel your way towards your abundance.


“I feel my deepest desires manifesting abundantly due my efforts and what I am building”


Your deepest beliefs you have felt are here to manifest before you. Perhaps you want to take that trip you have been wanting to do or to teach that course and take one rather. Whatever you deepest desires have been in regards to exploration, the universe is now granting you the opportunity to do so. So take it!


“My belief to explore my deepest desires expands my world views abundantly.”