Balancing Your Emotions with Love | Astro Meditation, Daily Mantra


What emotions are you committing to be the authority of your overall well-being? Be mindful towards how you respond to this question while also being aware of your currentemotions. Always recognize that you are in control of how you feel and think. Yes, external factors can alter these moods, but with your innate light, realized that you can raise yourself out of any vibration that may bring your thoughts and emotions to a negative space. StayLit, Love. You are the light that knows the darkness. Be aware of it then commit to the process of any lower vibration trigger then act to find ways to raise your vibrations. Meditation is always a method to center yourself.  Luckily, today’s cosmic energy is showering us with supportive aspects of love and the intensity of it. With Venus the planet of love, money and values in conjunction to Mars, our drive and primal instincts, there is a critical awareness of our feminine and masculine energies desiring to come together and vibrate love. Recognize that love reigns over everything and the cosmos are reminding us of this, despite of any current incidents.

Today along with the remainder of the week, it is a great time to show love to a significant other, or to anyone rather in a practical fashion that ultimately helps us all. It is also a time to be confident in going after what you truly want as Mars in positive aspect to Pluto (transformation). This shows that what you desire has powerful potential manifest more fully. Though, beware of inflated egos with this aspect which can showcase anger and selfishness that may surface. With Venus also in positive aspect to Pluto, a balancing effect is present to showcase its powerful force of love and what we are currently attracting will come to surface. Venus trine Pluto also denotes a powerful force for partnerships though, be mindful that this intense energy can cause power struggles regarding love and money matters. Instead, be aware of what you are doing to attract its higher manifesting potential where this can be great time for empowerment and healing. In this dynamic, also recognize that there are expansive yet unexpected acts that manifests between ourselves and others as Jupiter is in opposition to Uranus.

To maintain balance within these opposing forces, act on your visionary and eccentric ideals which has the great potential to bring abundance to your partnerships. Be open to another’s point of view, which can bring flashes of insight that allows the opportunity for abundance to flow between you and another. Today is all about perspective. You have the authority to commit in being within a higher vibrational realm. When you are aware of the energy around you, focus on progression to keep yourself well-balanced with others which ultimately is good for your well-being.

StayLit, Loves. 

“I balance my emotions by committing to love.”

(King of Coins/7 of Cups) Venus Conjunct Mars + Venus Trine Pluto + Mars Trine Mars + Jupiter Opposition Uranus 

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