Aligning Future Relations | Libra New Moon Meditation Mantra

Still with the theme of alignment, the universe is giving us the opportunity to change course and move forwards with our relationships as the New Moon in Libra energetically initiates this motive. Ask yourself, what relationships within your life needs progression? Whether it’s toxic or needs more nurturing, how can our relations be in alignment for an upgrade? Our relationships all come in different forms to which this relationships can be the one you have with yourself, with your partner, your career, your friends and with your family. Regardless the relationship, the universe is asking for us all to progress our relations forward. As Uranus continues to transit in Aries which opposes the Libra new moon, the theme is to begin initiating the changes that we want to better your future.

Implement a fresh start by first listing or visualize your future relations as Uranus, the planet that governs Aquarius, rules our dynamic higher-minds which m always seeks a higher perspective to ultimately benefit humanity. This energy helps us initiate the force to start making unique-decisions that are progressive to propel our future towards better relations. Look to your community, your friends, your tribe to which your uniqueness is celebrated which helps to move you into the future you envision. Start your new moon ritual, by meditating to activate your higher mind that is already guiding you to your burgeoning future-not only with yourself, but others that you love by your side.

StayLit, Loves.

Libra New Moon Mantra, recite:
“I am already aligned with my future progressing.”
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