Getting It Right Deep Within | Jupiter in Scorpio

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How you gonna win when you’re not right within? Lauryn Hill has totally got it right when she coined this phrase from her chart topping hit, “Doo Wop (That Thing)’ 20 years ago. And as her Gemini Sun trines her Pluto in Libra, this denotes that Lauryn’s Hill’s words has definitely related deeply to others- still resonating today. That thing she refers to, correlates synchronistically with today’s #WorldMentalHealthDay as Jupiter shifts into the sign ofScorpio. This realization chronicles well to the internal relationship we have with ourselves even within the darkest spaces we tend to hide inside. As today’s #WorldMentalHealthDay brings global awareness to our internal state, it is no coincidence as today is also the day that Jupiter shifts into the sign of Scorpio which deals with our psychology. As this transit lasts for a year till October of 2018, we can expect more awareness about deep mental issues and ways to remedy these issues through therapy and psychology. I feel that therapy will be the new black, where everyone will be more open and receptive to the benefits of therapy. As a collective, we may also turn to alternative forms of therapy that may dive deeper into the occult, which Scorpio rules, like tarot, astrology, tantra, etc. Scorpio, as we mostly know, is the sign that rules over our sexual intercourse (indeed) as it also rules over our deep and hidden emotional states that relates to our psychology.

As Jupiter, the largest planet within our solar system shifts into Scorpio, we will find ourselves as a collective powerfully recognizing the benefits of going deep within our emotions. Taboo topics like sex, intimacy, the occult, dark power dynamics, and of course will be widely accepted as these matters will further expand our beliefs as a collective. Since Jupiter is a planet that is a benefactor, this transit will emit abundant effects especially on water and earth signs. Because Scorpio is a water sign itself, other water signs like Cancer and Pisces will benefit effortlessly. But these opportunities especially applies to Scorpio where Jupiter in your sign will expand everything for you to gain and grow. Jupiter is lit up especially for you, Scorpio! There are also similar opportunities aligned for the earth signs like Virgo and Capricorn which complements water signs. Be sure to act on the opportunities available for your gain. As for Taurus, whichopposes Scorpio, you will find that others will be super attractive to you and its to others your will find your growth and abundance. As for fire and air babies, this expansive and deep emotional energy of Jupiter in Scorpio may challenge you where there may be an over- abundance of matters that eventually will confront you to grow. This includes the signs of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra & Aquarius.

But for us all, just remember what our girl Lauryn Hill said, how you gonna win when your night right within? This is the Jupiter in Scorpio mantra for us all, collectively. It is a time to get matters right within our deep emotionally states in order to gain the abundance and experience growth opportunities that Jupiter will bring for the next year.

StayLit, Loves.

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